Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Latest Sharia Law News

British Street E3, plus Sharia sticker
sharia law

For those who appreciate irony and can keep their sense of humour... The yellow sticker, in its complete form, proclaims 'You are entering a Sharia controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced. No alcohol. No gambling. No music or concerts. No porn or prostitution. No drugs or smoking. Sharia, a better society.' London Borough of Tower Hamlets.


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There's Islamic leadership tension in Britain - with hardline Muslims trying to enforce Sharia law in London. From abstention to amputation, RT's Laura Emmett's been hearing how they want to instill their tough code on the capital.
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I collected this news about sharia law and i will get more of it every day

Letter: Rooting against Obama, for our Navy and Israel, and for Santorum
(lol) Rick Santorum thinks the use of contraceptives by a married couple are 'important public policy issues' and kind of wants Sharia law ... but with a Catholic twist. He said ... 'One of the things I will talk about that no president has talked ...
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Are Iowa's Republican Frontrunners Taking Cues from Sharia Law?
"Sharia law" has become the dirtiest of dirty words in the culture wars, particularly in America's post-9/11 political landscape. Yet I'm at a loss to see any real difference between the manner in which Sharia law penalizes women who are raped and the ...
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Prof. Sharia academy completes Ph.D
The authority is the centrepiece of law and legal system and cannot be properly understood without adequate awareness of the structure of Authority that underlies it. It is a study of origins of Islamic law and contemporary legal thought in connection ...
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